in response.

you so often leave me speechless. i just stare blankly. silly blinking eyes, a brain full of swirling colors attempting to form coherent thoughts and words to explain them.

coherent thoughts in response…. i think about you often. which might, in fact, be a bit of an understatement. how you smell, the sound of your voice, your laugh, the notes of your mandolin, the way you feel, the blue button down shirt you were wearing when we first spent the day together…. the first time you kissed me and the last time you kissed me. i think of you often. everyday i hope your day is going well and i walk around with a smile on my face in anticipation of our next talk, text, face-to-face…. not only a smile for what will be but also each memory of the days and weeks before.

i think you are an amazing person. i feel very lucky.

…and i can see myself being your girlfriend one of these days.


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