i’m officially in a bad mood today. i hate the bad moods because i cry at stupid shit and i get frustrated over the dumbest things. i actually came close to crying at Lowes just because there are no shopping carts INSIDE the store. i had already picked up some things and just wanted a damn shopping cart. i had decided i was going to go out the “NOT AN EXIT” door and get a cart when someone from behind the customer service desk walked out, got a cart, and pushed it into the store. i looked at him and said “can i just get a cart??” and he responded “this was for you”. i guess he was familiar with the “why are there no mutherfucking carts inside this goddamned store???” look on my face. i know he saw me walk past twice with a more and more intense look of frustration. the whole silly situation was bringing me way too close to tears and wanting to throw something. i didn’t get my run in today because a cold front moved through and we had rain….. i wonder if i’d have felt better had i been able to run this morning. i dunno. i can’t figure out if i just need a hug or a punching bag…. i wish i had a good tree in the back yard to hang one in.


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