htats as wellaas my fingers acna work rihght now.

appaniic attack,

welldeserveddd…… i broughit ion. aahhhh mi=cccumusclesss soo tense……..musssscles… soooooo tense…. cannnt typeeeee. arggg…. feels like when youare so colld that uyoucant stop shakingggg….. f t you just want to realsxxx realaxxx reeelaxxxxxxxx but youaaaacant. sp myffff ault. breatheeee in and realsxx let it go= in out in out fear us oribabky u= is probablllly unfounded, breathel…..l.. holy goooooooodddamnit.. welll…. this aweilll be fun ot to se eee in the morninnnnnnng. haaa! kinddd of funnhy how my hands don’tme mofe riithggt…. sttifff asta gbaaaaaa board.ffj hoaaa haaaa!1!!!! damnnnnnnl;;;;; okay oooogoing toy tray to getasmoe lseleeep. ifi i can’..


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2 Responses to apaniciatattiaciack

  1. slosssoooo tesneee temnse tense… i could ptoba prorbalbly bro probably sam ssmasha areaa smash a really thinck thick wall. so frustttttratjggggg frrusttrating that i cant type. or relasxxxxx

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