transferred entries

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2009

sunday 6/09
each day i am fully aware of my mistakes
my incredible shortcomings
each day my past taunts me
might there be more revelations

i lived with blinders on
i lived with ridiculous fears

every day i thought “someday i will be different”
not realizing that i was living purely inside my head

i just continued thinking “it will be different”
with my head in the clouds

now here i am and it’s the same
flat on the ground
and i’ve done nothing

still my ridiculous fears keep me paralyzed
somedays i think i can do it
other days i know “this is it”.

how can i turn my head around???


sat june 27
attempting to write something every day. even if it’s nothing.

it wasn’t part of the grand design
this stagnant stagnation
stuck in time

i should have turned on a dime
and run the other direction
but instead i lost my rhyme
and reason

no quicksand to pull me under
just concrete
to trap my feet
and hands
and head

wishes for “instead”
along with wishes
for new paths to tread
stay just that
and disappear


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